A downloadable game for Windows

This is the solo project I have been working on for a few moths.

Play as a drawn Stickman in a world of a single piece of paper. Whenever you need you can freeze time, draw whatever you want, unfreeze the time and play with it! Make your way through the levels, avoid obstacles and solve puzzles, but be mindful of the ink or it will run out.

I will provide updates as often as I can. With new updates expect bug fixes, more polish and, hopefully, I will be able to add a story mode.

Hope you like the game, have fun!

Feel free to contact me if you want to report bugs, ask something about the game, or just say hi.

You can also download it on Android and IOS.

My email: callmevladislav@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter for updates: vladmaxli

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars

Install instructions

Unpack the archive and run the exe file. When the update comes just download the new files and delete the old, your progress will stay intact.


Windows.Ver1.0.0.zip 16 MB

Also available on


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this is a good game plz play it😃

Hey thanks! Hope you had fun!

yes but it is a bit hard at times tho 

super hard :(

why cant i buy it

Sorry, Paypal blocked my account and there is no support in my country. I've been trying to reach them to no avail. Hold on, since I lost hope to resolve this any time soon I will try to just make it free

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Hello! I am German can i buy with German Money?

Hi! I don't know how Paypal will handle this, maybe you can

I think I cant Buy with Paypal.

But I don't know...

But I will try it

i really wanted this game but i have a mac:(

Great game though good job:D

Sorry;( I don't have a mac so I can't make build for it. Maybe I will in the future

Its ok anyways its a amazing game. Thanks for replying :D

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i downloaded the game files and went to run the exe file and it didnt work it said there should be stickman files


Hi! I am sorry to hear that. Make sure you extracted everything, if that doesn't work email me at callmevladislav@gmail.com I will resend you the build, if that doesn't work I will send you another build later when I finish the update, if that doesn't work we'll do it again, and if again it doesn't work I will name my firstborn child after you for you 1$ ;)


hello vladmax im only an average gamer i dont know what you meant by extracted everything sorry for any inconvenionce

No worries, check your email, I sent you everything with instructions. Have fun!

i payed 1 euro

a euro is German Money

i payed for it but have no accout can i get it back

Hi, I am sorry, I don't handle monetary transactions. You should try and check out FAQs here.

Deleted post

Hi! Sorry to hear that. I don't handle these things, the store does it. It's free on android, and I will be free on ios as soon as I save up to buy a mac;)

Deleted post

Thanks for the patience!

mac sucks ass better save up for a gaming pc you can not ubgrade your mac

Without a mac I cannot publish to Appstore. I will probably just get a used one.

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Um, dude I'm not trying to annoying or disrespectful to you or the work you put into this game but I've noticed a lot of similarities of this game to an old game I played a while ago called Max and the Magic Marker. Here's a gameplay video

The whole mechanic of drawing platforms and rocks to progress through the level to me feels very much like it did in Max and the Magic Marker. Also I have not played the game myself, I watched jacksepticeye play it a bit ago. I'm truly not trying to hate on your game because there are alot of original parts to it like for example bombs, levers and the fact that you have a limited number of erasers actualy to me makes the puzzles in this game a whole lot deeper than Max and the magic marker. I understand that, I'm just saying that mechanics in this game might not be 100% It's own you know? I just heard jack say the game was really awesome and I agree, It's just not (to me at least) entirely original.

I don't know what else to say. I tried to make this as constructive and informative as possible, and again PLEASE don't take this as hate or trolling. I just felt like I needed to state my personal observations on this ok? Bye :)

Hi! I found out about Max and a magic marker after my game was already live. I fully agree that it is not that original, aside from the game you pointed out, there are also such games as Crayon Deluxe, Draw a Stickman and maybe a thousand more. But I have never ever tried to position this game as groundbreakingly original, It's just a solo project I made in my spare time. And no need to apologize, no offence was taken:)

is it easy? medium? or hard? or coolest or ExTrEmE?

Jacksepticeye did a video on your game! Congratz


I just found out! What a news to wake up to;)

como se lo descarga


Hola amigo he visto tu juego y me ha interesado mucho y al parecer esta haciendo gran interes en algunos youtubers pero quisiera ponerme en contacto contigo para discutir algo vale ? :D

Hola! No hay problemas! Puedes enviarme un email en callmevladislav@gmail.com o un mensaje en Twitter: @vladmaxli. P.S. NO hablo espanol muy bien:)

ME alegra que hables muy bien español :D

Tengo una pregunta quisiera grabar un video acerca de tu juego ya que me ha gustado y como te dije esta ocasionando un gusto entre algunos youtubers y tengo el dinero pero el problema es que la cuenta de paypal no la tengo verficada y por eso no puedo usar el dinero que hay en la cuenta :(

Hello, I have played some levels of the game, it is cool and dangerous idea to go to, I have dropped a video about things you can improve. here or https://youtu.be/BhJZ9II1Cxg

Hi! Thank you for constructive criticism, I will address issues you mentioned!

A platformer with drawing mechanics. It's not the first game to come along with this mechanic, but Adventures of Stickman does a pretty good job keeping it minimalistic.

Because, let's face it, who didn't draw stick man cartoons back in school?

Anyway, the graphics are basic, as to be expected. The music's okay, but there's an awkward pause when it loops back around. The controls are good, with the drawing mechanics being pretty well programmed. The physics are a little off, but coming from a small indie game, it's not game-breaking in the least.

Overall, it's not the best platformer in the world. But, the drawing mechanics takes Adventures of Stickman from a good game a pretty damn good game.

Hey thanks! Really appreciate the feedback! "The music's okay"- that was the best part, since I didn't have any experience with music prior to making this game:) I thought everybody will bleed from their ears after hearing it.

This game was awesome :) I really liked being able to beat the level based off of what I created! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p11trfK3QbY I even made a video of the gameplay!

Than you! Cool video:)